Tuesday, November 18, 2008

All Hail the New Flesh

Some of you (or all one of you) may have already noticed that CanHorr's latest review was posted by someone other than me, spacejack. So even though it's about a week overdue (I blame a hectic work schedule,) I'd like to introduce everyone to our new contributor, Briny Picklestem.

If I'm the figurehead, the guy who registered our Blogger account, then Briny is the brains of the operation. Briny brings real-world experience of working in film and television, as well as a much more thorough knowledge of the horror genre. This raises the bar for content here on CanHorr several notches up from the ground where it was previously. I just hope I can keep up.


CRwM said...

Right on. Or write on, as it were.

When do I get to see the dynamic duo tackle the Canuck cult-fave werewolf trilogy action that is the Ginger Snaps franchise?

Rude and demanding readers rudely demand it!

spacejack said...

Oh, that's coming, no doubt. I suspect there will be a certain amount of bartering going on to decide who gets to do which parts, and who gets compensated with pints at the next CanHorr executive board meeting.

Briny Picklestem said...

Wow, what a totally unjustifiably kind intro. Thanks!

I seem to be on a useless holiday themed bender. Next up: April fools Day...